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Tent Card Printing in UAE

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Are you looking for Tent Card printing in uae?

Golden Jaguar Print is a reliable printing press in UAE. For urgent Tent Card printing Just make contacts with Golden Jaguar Print. Home delivery available in anywhere in UAE. If you have any query you can  Contact in whatsapp.
With the number of people constantly in and out of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars, it is an excellent place to market your business. From daily specials to new products or services, the foot traffic presents an exceptional opportunity to educate or influence patrons. And there’s no easier yet subtle way to do this than with table tent cards. It’s a simple marketing tool that packs a punch and allows customers to be influenced in a rare, non-digital way.

What Are Table Tent Cards?

Table tent cards are signs that function as mini billboards, often printed in full color to intensify their impact. Created from printed foldable cardboard, a table tent card is a self-standing unit designed to be placed on tabletops. Even though small, it is highly effective, especially when placed in highly-visible areas like desktops at co-working spaces, tables at restaurants and bars, and counters in hotel rooms. 

Benefits Of Using Table Tent Cards For Business

Primarily used in the hospitality industry, table tent cards have been very impactful to many company’s marketing efforts. But no matter what industry you’re in, you may find ways to make it applicable to your business too. Here are a few universal benefits of using table tent cards for business.

Increase Leads by Tent Card Printing

Table tent cards are highly visible, so you will quickly reach the right customers for your brand if it is placed on suitable surfaces. If you know where your ideal customer frequents, why not add a few cards to those areas. Hotels have successfully placed table tent cards in the hotel room to promote their activities, encouraging guests to see more during their stay. Without opening a laptop or looking at their phones, guests get all the information they need from a mini-billboard in their hotel room.

Why You’ll Love Golden Jaguar’s Table Tent Cards

At Golden Jaguar, we pride ourselves on the high-quality of our products. Our table tent stands are made keeping this in mind and have a few other helpful add-ons that will make you love them even more.

  • More Stock To Choose From: Unlike other print shops, we give our customers the option of choosing any stock when creating their table tent cards. We understand that selecting a stock that represents your brand correctly is essential. 
  • Available In Various Sizes: You know what size table tent card will work best for your marketing campaign, so we give you various size options to consider.
  • Durable Thick Stock: To ensure your table tent cards are sturdy and durable, they are printed on 18pt cardstock by default. 

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